Fri 8thSept

Sat 9th Sept

10-00 – 10-30  Registration (TEA & COFFEE)


10-30  Paul McCarthy - Regional Secretary


10-30 Paul McCarthy (introduction)

10-45 – 11-30 Speaker Ali Ilyas -

                       Remembering Srebrenica

11-30-11-45   Q & A 

10-30-11-15 Speaker  David Hencke - 

                     Investigative Journalist

11-15-11-30 Q & A 

11-45-12-30 Speaker  Ian Johnson - 

                     Justice for Mineworkers

12-30-12-45 Q & A 

11-30-12-15 Speaker  Sara Rowbotham - 

                      Child grooming

12-15-12-45  Q & A 

12-45 – 1-45 LUNCH

12-45-1-00 Close Paul McCarthy  

1-45 – 2-30 Speaker  Frank Matthews - 

                    Whistle-blower at Met Police

2-30-2-45    Q & A


2-45-3-15 Speaker  Francis Molloy -


3-15-3-30  Q & A 


3-30 Close Paul McCarthy


Ali ilyas

"We commemorate and remember the Genocide in Srebrenica so we can learn lessons from it. Remembering when we are silent in the face of hatred, we allow it to grow and flourish. When we are silent about the atrocities of the past, we allow ourselves to forget, and when we forget we are bound to repeat. So we must therefore learn and remember."

David Henke

I have had over 40 years experience in journalism – in local newspapers, specialist publications, national newspapers, radio and TV and new media. I specialise in through and detailed investigations covering institutions, individuals, waste, fraud, corruption and mismanagement across the public and private sector. 

I was Guardian westminster correspondent from 1986-2009 and exposed Neil Hamilton in the cash for questions scandal and caused Peter Mandelson to resign his job in 1998 after revealing his hidden home loan for his house. Now a lobby writer for Tribune and a freelance journalist. Currently on an independent inquiry looking into suspicious deaths at an NHS hospital chaired by Bishop James Jones, former Bishop of Liverpool.

I have won 9 newspaper awards and also written with Francis Beckett three books - one on the miners' strike and two critical unauthorised biographies of Tony Blair.

Why we need a campaign to save investigative journalism.

Intend to look at some of the current investigations I am covering and why a lot of information is now being ignored, suppressed and not investigated.

Sara Rowbotham

In 2003 whilst working for the NHS Sara set up Crisis Intervention Team to provide one to one support for young people who were identified as being vulnerable in relation to their sexual health and within months the Team began to identify young people who were involved in or vulnerable to sexual exploitation. For the next 8 years Sara tried to bring this issue to the attention of statutory services with little or no meaningful response.

In 2012 Sara was forced to “whistleblow”, seeking support from her local MP and eventually being called to give evidence to the Home Office Select Committee enquiry in to CSE .

She was made redundant from the NHS in 2014 and is currently serving as a local Councillor for Middleton North Ward of Rochdale Borough Council.

Sara was recently portrayed by Maxine Peake in the BBC drama 3 Girls.

Frank Mathews

Former New Scotland Yard Covert Detective Sergeant who blew the Whistle on serious corruption, racism and incompetence only to be targeted by Special Branch whilst in a Witness Protection Programme and being protected from corrupt Cops and their criminal associates. After 25 years exemplary Service retired from the Met because of an untenable employment relationship. In February 2015 created a Twitter account in the name of Frank Matthews @lamplightercop to help Police Officers who wished to blow the Whistle and assist others with Complaints Against Police and Miscarriages of Justice.
My campaign name is probably @lamplightercop as in my Twitter handle.
I am a self funded former Detective with expertise in the investigation of Murder, Serious and Organised Crime, Covert Policing and Protection. I have personal experience of Whistleblowing in the Police Service and litigation. My aim is to assist any individual or campaign that can utilise my skills and knowledge in order to achieve Justice or expose the Truth. 

Francis Molloy

Campaign: tyred Campaign 
Campaign Summary:

tyred is a national tyre safety campaign calling for a ban on the use of tyres older than ten years on passenger safety vehicles.

tyred is headed by Frances Molloy. Frances is the Mother of Michael Molloy who tragically lost his life at the age of 18 after the coach he was on crashed when travelling back from the music festival, Bestival. The crash also claimed the lives of 23 year old Kerry Ogden, 53 year old driver Colin Daulby and left others with life changing injuries.

The fatal crash was caused by a tyre that was nearly 20 years old, prompting the Coroner who oversaw the inquest to issue a formal Report to Prevent Future Deaths, appealing to the Government for legislation to be changed.

However, the Department of Transport failed to change the legislation and instead chose to simply amend guidelines which only recommend, but crucially do not require, that tyres over 10 years should not be fitted.

tyred already has support from National Express, Bestival, The Association of Independent Festivals and Abellio Group to name a few,  these organisations have made a firm commitment to campaign for a change in legislation to prevent future tragedies as a result of old tyres on coaches.  

Web: www.tyred.org.uk

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tyreduk/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tyreduk


Steve Rotherham 10 Minute Rule Bill: https://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/bills/cbill/2014-2015/0077/15077.pdf

Ian Johnson

"The Justice for Mineworkers campaign was founded by Rick Sumner in 1985 following the year long 84/85 miners strike and officially launched at the Albert Hall, London, in October 1986.
Over the past 30 years Rick, together with his wife Christine, have raised money to help support miners sacked during the strike.
At the end of 2015 Rick and Christine announced that they would be standing down from the Justice for Mineworkers campaign and subsequently the handling of the campaign passed to Lancashire colleagues John Kelly and Ian Johnson."