Justice Conference 2016


Fri 7th Oct

10-00 – 10-30                  REGISTRATION (TEA & COFFEE)

10-30                                Paul McCarthy (Introduction)

10-40 – 11-00                   Joe Anderson

11-00-11-15                    Tribute to Davey Hopper

11-15-11-45                    1st Speaker               Oregreave

11-45-12-00                    Q & A

12-00-12-30                    2nd SPEAKER            BLACKLISTING

2-30-12-45                      Q & A

12-45 – 1-45                    LUNCH

1-45 – 2-15                      3RD Speaker            Justice for Joseph

2-15-2-30                        Q & A

2-30-3-00                        4TH Speaker           WASPI

3-00-3-15                        Q & A

3-30 CLOSE                      Paul McCarthy

Justice Conference 2016


Sat 8th Oct

10-00                                       Paul McCarthy  (introduction )

10-10-10-30                            Steve Rotheram

10-30-11-00                           1ST Speaker            HFSG

11-00-11-30                           2nd Speaker           Remembering Srebrenica

11-30-11-45                           Q & A

11-45-12-15                          3rd Speaker            Dying To Work              

12-15-12-30                          Q & A

12-30-1-30                            LUNCH

1-30-2-30                             Peter Tatchell

2-30-3-00                             Q & A

3-00                                       CLOSE Paul McCarthy

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Justice for Joseph

In November 2014 Joseph Brown-Lartey was killed tragically in Rochdale when a dangerous driver sped through a red light and smashed into his car, splitting it in two. The 18-year-old driver was driving unlicensed, uninsured and had bragged only 24 hours earlier to friends that he was doing 124mph from Leeds to Rochdale.

The driver was sentenced to six years in prison but will serve only three, in a young offenders’ institution. Joseph’s parents describe this a “further slap in the face” and the Attorney General was asked to review the sentence on the grounds of being unduly lenient, yet no action was taken as it fell within current guidelines.

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