Speakers on the day

Richard Burgon, Labour MP for Leeds East

‘’Straight after university, I returned home to Leeds and became a trade union lawyer. For more than a decade I helped care workers, nurses, dinner ladies, bin men and other working people in East Leeds who face redundancy, discrimination, pay cuts they simply can’t afford or other problems at work through no fault of their own.’’

He recently won damages in his libel case against the Sun over a claim that a heavy metal band he performed with delighted in Nazi imagery.

More info - https://www.richardburgon.com/

Ken Loach , British Director of television and independent films.

Ken Loach first joined the Labour Party from the early 1960s and been associated with the Socialist Labour League. 2015, he endorsed Jeremy Corbyn's Labour leadership campaign and produced a one-hour documentary In Conversation with Jeremy Corbyn. He directed an election broadcast featuring a profile of Jeremy Corbyn for the Labour Party's general election campaign.

He also directed I, Daniel Blake.

Daniel Blake (Dave Johns) is a 59-year-old widowed carpenter who must rely on welfare after a recent heart attack leaves him unable to work. Despite his doctor's diagnosis, British authorities deny Blake's benefits and tell him to return to his job. As Daniel navigates his way through an agonizing appeal process, he begins to develop a strong bond with a destitute, single mother (Hayley Squires) who's struggling to take care of her two children.

More info - https://www.sixteenfilms.co.uk/

Michael Tarraga, Meat Rack Boy

Michael is a child abuse survivor and this is taken from Amazon - ‘’As a baby Michael Tarraga never left the hospital in the arms of his mother. She left him there the day he was born, with his twin brother. She also abandoned their two year old sister.
This is a story of what happened next and how a child without a family can be exploited, abused and sold. Michael was continually anally raped for half a crown, sold out by Bob and Ivy Woods who he had to call Mum and Dad.

Michael is now 70 years old and dying from COPD. Keen for his story to be told before he leaves this world - so that he and others can one day get peace and justice, but more importantly that this kind of horrific sexual abuse, happens to no other child.

"I don’t want money, I want my story to be told. I need my story to be told before I die. " Michael Tarraga.

All the proceeds of the book will be spent on helping other survivors like Michael, finally have a chance to tell their story and get it heard.’’

here is a link - https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07N3Y58CB/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_aodvCbRHJ3DJ

Sam Taylor, Sussex Stalking Support

“In our recent report, 88% of victims of stalking met the criteria for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and would have benefited from referral or treatment. PTSD is responsive to treatment and we are perpetuating isolation and the social restriction caused by the problem if we do not standardly provide effective intervention.”

Established in 2019, Sussex Stalking Support aims to bring people together to reduce the impact of stalking. Through group work and one-to-one support, we aim to fill the significant gap in services designed for individuals who are affected by the relentless and isolating nature of stalking. Serving Brighton and Sussex, we sensitively address the broad and complex issues entailed in these experiences.

Website - https://www.sussexstalkingsupport.co.uk/

Dave Kelly, Fans Supporting Foodbanks

First established by the two Merseyside fan groups and Dave Kelly is the chair of the campaign on Merseyside.

Fans Supporting Foodbanks launched in 2015 and collects donations at every Liverpool and Everton fixture. It now accounts for a quarter of the intake at North Liverpool Foodbank, which supports families and those on low income, as well as homeless people.

It started off with literally a couple of them pushing a wheelie bin round pubs. Having the regular supply from FSF has been huge. If that was to stop, it would have a massive impact.”

more info - https://twitter.com/sfoodbanks?lang=en

Alan Kelly, Vauxhall Community Law Centre

Vauxhall Community Law and Information Centre provides a free advice service in respect of all Welfare Benefits, particularly those benefits for sick, disabled and older people.

They also provide advice and support such as representation at Tribunals. Also advice and support in relation to fuel, housing and debt issues.

The Centre is open for 4 Days a week from Monday to Thursday between the hours of 9 and 4.00pm.

More info - http://vauxhalllawcentre.org.uk/